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The dress is pale lemon yellow, hand crocheted by my sister. I thought I was the bee's knees in it but it was hard as I was also a tomboy so mixing high fashion and the practical desire to climb walls was an early obsession for me to solve. Much like my wallpapers – a demand for beauty but still a need to be able to be pasted to a wall.


Design is my passion and my work and with more than 40 years of highly skilled making and designing experience I still believe good design can make a difference to the quality of people’s lives. I create designs with a pioneering spirit, often leading trends and developments within the wallpaper industry but I always strive to design with integrity and to manufacture with craftsmanship and care.

The collections we offer give clients a versatile portfolio of wallpapers for their interiors, commercial or residential, large or small. Each collection can be brought ‘off the peg’ or tailored to an interior. The wallpapers have always been designed and made to be a part of a complete interior story, adding pattern, image, texture and depth to the overall interior design scheme making every space personal and special to each client.

With our small design and production studio we can change colours, sizes, adapt designs or make totally new designs if required. Our studio has a versatile and skilled team who can design and make wallpapers for any interior, modern or grade 1 listed, 5 star hotel or a downstairs powder room, the collections can be used anywhere and by anyone.

Our wallpapers are predominately made by hand from start to finish. You can feel the depth of ink on our hand screen printed papers with colours mixed by skilled and experienced eyes. The 3 dimensional wallpapers are only possible when made by hand and each is individually crafted and constructed making a unique wallpaper for each customer. When we utilise modern technology it is with a craftsman’s attitude, each machine carefully chosen for its ability to translate designs which would be impossible by hand, but manned by the most experienced operators, everyone working to produce the best design and product possible.

As a British designer I am passionate about making and sourcing materials wherever possible from within the UK and being a small design and production studio it means we are extremely environmentally friendly. By making all of our wallpapers to order, there is no wastage. Each client receive their order, customised if required but individually made, finished and packaged just for that person.

I am from a family who have been skilled craftsmen for many generations with a knowledge and love of materials and making. This background was enriched with a fine arts degree and a MA RCA in textiles and then expanded over decades of designing and making wallpapers for clients around the world which today gives the studio it’s unique design identity.

We are extremely proud to have been honoured over the years by design community with numerous awards and the work has featured internationally in most interior design magazines but it is the notes from clients saying how happy they are with the wallpapers and the many returning interior designers, using our products for projects again and again which continues to make designing wallpapers our passion and our work.